Why Choose Pro Paint Innovations Philippines?

We at Pro Paint Innovations, Inc. make use of a specialized Three Customer segment approach. We understand that paint features can have different benefits depending on which professional will be using it.


The Three Customer segment approach focuses on:

  • Architects and Designers
  • Owners and Developers
  • Contractors and Sub-Contractor


We work with Architects and Designers to ensure that their designs are met with the most accurate color schemes to match any design or plan. We ensure that they are able to efficiently execute new designs and renovations that are within their high class standards.

Developers and Owners can expect a beautifully painted and finished property that can be utilized immediately and safely. Pro Paint Innovations, Inc. makes use of Flügger products that are 100% non-toxic, lead and APEO free, and has no vapors. Building owners can have their entire façade and interiors painted without having to worry about their tenant’s safety. Moreover, Flügger paints are long-lasting and most Outdoor paints are self-cleaning. It requires little maintenance which minimizes costs overall.


For those who are responsible for the application of paint in any project, the Contractors and Sub-Contractors are also looked after by Pro Paint’s services. Because Flügger paints are eco-friendly, contractors won’t have to worry about the hazards of inhaling paint fumes. Flügger paint is also water based and it only takes 2 top coatings, making it easy to apply and saves the project valuable time and money.

We believe that the Paint Applicator Job is a crucial and demanding job. Without the proper professionalism, knowledge and skill provided through extensive training, any project will be doomed to a poor paint job quality. This will lead to fading and the paint to wrinkle and chip away just a few months after. 

We at Pro Paint Innovations, Inc., Inc.always ensure that the paint applicators will know the proper technique depending on the situation and surface that they have to work on. We will also customize the appropriate paint and water proofing training programs based on the client’s requirements. In case we also apply your paint, Pro Paint Innovations, Inc. can provide warranty on the work.