An interesting article about the VOC of water soluble paint.  However, Flugger paints have ZERO VOC.  This is why Flugger is ahead of the game!

In Water soluble paints, water is used as a dispersal agent for resins. Unlike conventional organic solvent based paints, water soluble paints are eco-friendly and easy to use. Water content in water soluble paints accounts for 80 percent of the total paint volume. Other solvents such as glycol ethers are also used in the water soluble paints market to increase the viscosity of the paints. Attributed to their low Volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, these paints are gaining popularity, especially in the developing market such as the U.S. and Western Europe. According to The Dow Chemical Company, water-based paints are the dominant segment in residential paint market. The company also claimed that about 80% of paints sold in the residential market are water soluble paints.

The surging urbanization, increasing urban and sub-urban residential infrastructure projects, and upcoming government residential projects in urban and sub-urban area in developing economies such as India, China and Brazil are some of the most dominant growth drivers of the water soluble paint market in Asia-Pacific region. The water soluble paint market in developed region is driven by the stringent environment regulation, regarding the use of organic solvent.

In Canada and U.S. total VOC’s of 100 g/l paints is applicable, however the manufacturers are predicting the maximum VOC content will fall down to 50 g/,l during the forecast period and hence the demand of water soluble paint is expected to escalate in this region. Moreover, increasing consumer awareness about the health and environment friendly paints and coating is expected to spur the growth of the water soluble market during the forecast period.

Based on the various product types, the global water soluble paints market can be segmented as Polyacrylate-based/Acrylic, Polyester-based, Alkyd-based, Epoxy-based, and Epoxy Ester-based water soluble paints. Based on the various applications the global water soluble paints market can be segmented as Industrial, Residential, and others.   

Eco-friendly and low-VOC water soluble paints are costly, in comparison to its counterparts such as traditional high-VOC paints. This is one of the most dominant factors limiting the wide acceptance of water soluble paints.

In addition, lack of consumer awareness coupled with inadequate government support for environmental friendly paints and coating in developing economies, further hinders the market growth of the water soluble paints market.

The demand for cost-effective, bio-sourced, and low-VOC paints are increasing. Hence the appropriate research and development towards the development of cost-effective raw materials can provide the new opportunity in the market.

Stringent government regulation towards conventional organic solvent based paints in developed market is expected to impact the market positively during the forecast period.

Advancing manufacturing technology of the water soluble paint is one of the key trends in the market. Recently Dow Chemical has introduced a new technology called AVANSE MV-100.

It has high performance acrylic binders, which are particularly used for the metal coating. Similarly, the other manufactures are also expected to introduce new and cost-effective manufacturing technique in coming years.

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Painting a house or an office space is a good way to restore the appearance and setting of your building. Paint preparation does not only involve the wall or surface but this also involves the entire workspace where the painting will occur.

The synergy between the occupants and paint contractors can also lead to shorter turnaround time before the paint project gets completed. Knowing your roles and responsibilities as an occupant will not only help you prevent health and safety threats but this can also lead to a more convenient working environment for your paint contractors.

Though these tips may sound too simple, but they can help you contribute to a better painting job.  Filing_cabinet 

Secure Important Files and Documents

Most of paint contractors take care when moving and covering your furniture included in the work area but keeping your files and documents intact is usually not part of their job. It is very important to secure your important documents in a drawer in order to prevent any damage or loss during the paint job.


Know the Paint Schedule

Some painting jobs are scheduled during weekends or holidays in order to lessen the inconvenience in the work place. While for painting jobs that are scheduled during regular working days, it is better to know their schedule in order to advise your employees to avoid rendering overtime work or coming near the working area while painting is in progress. Pregnant women and children under age of 6 are more vulnerable to paint fumes and solvents as it can lead them to various health issues particularly respiratory problems. Keeping out from the paint area is highly recommended for them.

ventilation workspace

Allow for Proper Ventilation

If you are anticipating a paint job, it is better to open your windows and doors before the paint job starts. Proper  ventilation will let paint fumes disperse faster which can help you return to your work routine more conveniently without  worrying about paint odor.


Prepare your Protective Equipment (PPE)

In case you cannot avoid passing through the paint area, it is better to prepare fundamental protective equipment like  face mask and barrier cream to protect your skin in case of too much exposure from the paint.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure and taking proactive steps before the paint job starts will definitely contribute to the promotion of health and safety amongst occupants in your building.

Looking for less odorsome, less toxic, more natural and human-friendly paint products? You came to the right place! Flugger products are known for their eco-friendly components that have made them a top choice of commercial and residential contractors.

For more details about the products that we offer, contact us (+632) 866-1033 or email us at

Climate change is one of the most pressing global issues that we face in this generation. Although we cannot completely reverse its effect, making a few small changes inside your house or workplace can help reduce its impact.

Aside from using energy-efficient appliances and recycling materials inside your office, opting for eco-friendly paint materials is also a good way to contribute.



Know Your Paint’s VOC Level


Choosing a low to zero VOC level of paint product is your first step to a more eco-friendly paint job.  Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are chemicals that are used for paint products in order to make them durable especially in varying weather conditions.  Paints with higher level of VOCs also usually emit strong odors that are both unpleasant for humans and harmful to the environment.

Flügger is one the leading brands when it comes to eco-friendly paint products. Because of the zero VOC level of Flügger products, you can be assured that your health and your surroundings are safe even after prolonged exposure to these paint products.  



Don’t Waste Paint

Calculate carefully before starting a paint job in order to avoid too much (if any) leftover paint. Remember that the higher volume of leftover paint is, the harder it is for you to dispose it.

If you cannot avoid leftover paints, you can reuse them for touch-up jobs or to paint a smaller area elsewhere inside your workspace and always store with the lid firmly in place.  



Pay Attention to other Paint Materials

Aside from using zero VOC paint, you should also be looking to your other painting materials and tools to ensure that your eco-friendly paint job is truly a success! Other preparatory paint materials like stripper, solvent or primer should also have a low VOC level.

Biodegradable or reusable cloth is also a more eco-friendly option when cleaning the surface before and after a paint job.  



Check the Weather


Always check the weather before starting a paint job and allow paint to completely dry at least 8 hours to lessen the chemical vapors that occupants can possibly breathe when entering the newly painted area. As a general rule, a dry and sunny day is the most suitable for interior and exterior painting.

Opening your windows and doors after a paint job can also provide enough ventilation inside your workplace to help disperse the odors that your paint contains.  


Clean and Dispose Properly


Improper disposal of paint can contaminate and pollute natural waterways which can cause harm to the environment and humans. Reuse is strongly recommended for leftover paints, just properly seal the cans and store them in a cool and dry place for future use.

Wastewater produced from cleaning paint tools such as rollers, brushers and trays should also be disposed of in the proper way by ensuring they are sent via some form of treatment facility or method. These wastes should never reach natural waterways untreated.

Instead of throwing empty paint cans away (for recycling), find creative ways to repurpose them such as making them as hanging planters or storage cans for your office supplies. Just make sure that you cleaned these empty containers thoroughly before using them to avoid any trace of paint.

Flugger Paints to the Rescue!

Propaint is a distributor of Flugger products, one the world’s leading makers of eco-friendly paint products. As a supporter of the Green Revolution, we want to make sure that we do not only provide high quality paints that will last for years but that we also utilize the best technology to ensure that our products offer eco-friendly benefits to consumers.

Our products are also certified by ISO 14001 and EU Ecolabel which shows our commitment to deliver eco-friendly products that support a greener and healthier environment for everyone.

We can share our expertise, call us at (+632) 866-1033 or email us at

Some of the signs that indicate that your building needs a fresh coat of paint are easy to spot whilst others aren’t so obvious so require closer inspection to detect. Here are some hints on the subject. Whether how big or small it is, paint issues should be given attention before they get worse. Once you notice any of the paint problems we’ve listed below, know the right team to call! Delays in remedial work will be a false economy……

Blisters and Wrinkles


Paint blisters or wrinkles on the surface can be caused by either high humidity in the area when the paint was applied or a water leak in the structure which traps moisture between the paint and the applied surface. When your building shows signs of paint blisters and wrinkles, check the paint coat for unevenness and unsightly patches that will impact the overall appearance. In some instances, even though you practiced proper paint preparation and application, paint blisters and wrinkles can still appear due to the selection of the incorrect type of paint.


The Flügger Solution:

For this we recommend, Flügger Wall Pro Sealer. This product offers efficient sealing and adhesion to minimize water absorption on the painting surface.



Paint blocking is a common issue that occurs when two freshly painted surfaces are pressed against each other causing the affected areas to peel off. Paint blocking is usually caused by not allowing sufficient time for the paint to totally cure or dry before closing doors or windows, these being two of the most common casualties of this particular issue.

The Flügger Solution:

Paint blocking can be prevented if you will use our high-quality Acrylic Paint which sticks to the surface better and dries faster than most conventional paints. Flügger products are known for their great adhesion and robust properties that resist surface peel off due to force or friction. Flügger Interior High Finish comes in high gloss, semi-matt or matt finishes that offer excellent block resistance for wooden surfaces such as cabinets, doors and windows.

Cracking or Flaking

cracked ceiling

As paint ages, it can become brittle making it susceptible to cracking and flaking due to frequent changes in both temperature and humidity over time. In its early stages, this may only appear as hairline cracks but if not detected and/or given the appropriate attention this small paint issue can cause considerable damage.

The Flügger Solution:

Paint aging is inevitable but choosing a higher quality of paint product can help delay the process and limit cracking and flaking. Applying Flügger Façade Primer or undercoat increases paint durability and flexibility which are essential factors to help avoid cracking or flaking.

Frame Marks or Spots

frame spots

Have you noticed frame marks or spots while moving wall hangings or fixtures in your office? Frame marks may not be a major paint problem but its discoloration as an end effect, can impact on the overall appearance of your building. If cloth and soap are not enough to loosen the dirt, it is time for you to call for a repaint especially if there are multiple areas that need attention.

The Flügger Solution: Flügger paint technology offers high-resistance to dirt and grime and high color retention which can help your surface minimize frame spots and leave it evenly colored for a substantially longer length of time. These qualities also reduce the need for regular maintenance and increase the life-cycle of the coatings immensely.

Poor Scrub and Stain Resistance


High-traffic areas such as hallways and function rooms are more exposed to stain and dirt caused by human traffic and related environmental factors. Keeping your surface clean and well maintained often involves the use of abrasive cleaners containing chemicals not compatible with your paint. Aside from the careful selection of cleaning products, you should also choose paints with high stain-resistance to help you avoid this particular paint issue.

The Flügger Solution: Flügger Flutex 3 white latex paint contains more acrylic binders which helps prevent stains from penetrating the painted surface. This product can also withstand spot cleaning and scrubbing without showing signs of fading or discoloration.

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Flug Indoor Flügger Paint for Ingram Micro                Outdoor Flügger Paint for Hampton Gardens

A new report from the World Green Building Council states that the overall design of an office has a significant impact on the health and productivity of staff- this involves air quality, lighting, interior and exterior paint and office layout. the number of positive benefits that this report shows, the call for greener buildings has been once again creating a buzz in the business community.

With the number of positive benefits that this report shows, the call for greener buildings has been once again creating a buzz in the business community.

For some people, paint is only important to improve the aesthetic value of a building but as the report shows, there is more to consider when choosing the right paint for your office building.

Repainting can help you correct your old mistakes on the choice of color, pattern and quality of paint that you have applied. Read on as we share more benefits of repainting workspaces.

Boost Workers’ Productivity

Color is everywhere but not every color is suitable on your work area. Color can stimulate your workers moods, emotions and behavior that are all critical factors which affect their productivity.

Taking into consideration the physiological response of the body to colors is important on a repainting job. For instance, blue is widely considered as the most productive color because it can help your workers to stay focused because of its calming effect on the nervous system.

Improve Customers’ Perception

Dirty paint does not only have an effect on the overall appearance of the building but this can also create a negative impression with costumers.

If your wall paint is old and dirty, this might create an impression that you are less professional and reputable because of the poor appearance of your workspace.

Increase the Value of Your Property

A fresh coat of paint is a good way to boost the value of your commercial building in a less expensive manner compared to renovations and other forms of building upgrade.

If you are planning to sell your property, repainting can also help you attract potential buyers more easily.

Maintain Good Condition of the Building

Repainting your building can solve common paint problems like discoloration, chipping and fading which can lead to structural damage and more expensive maintenance costs in the long run.

When considering a repainting job for your commercial building, all these factors should be kept in balance to make your workspace both beneficial to its occupants and other people important to your business.

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We only use the best commercial painting solutions through our high-quality Flügger products.

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Our Market Increasing demand for paint products and materials across Asia-Pacific has made the Philippine paint manufacturing a booming industry in recent times. Around 250 million liters of various paint products are produced annually in the Philippines to supply the painting needs of numerous construction projects in the local and international market. One of the most significant traits of the modern market that paint manufacturers cater for, these days, concerns the health and environmental impact of their paints. image-1 Why Should You Trust Us? Propaint is one of the leading paint products manufacturers & distributors in the Philippines to spearhead the marketing of eco-friendly paint products for ‘green’ buildings, homes and neighborhoods. Propaint is a distributor of Flügger products, one the world’s leading makers of these eco-friendly paint products. Based on the National Statistics Office, the preliminary results of construction statistics in the Philippines show growth by more than 20% in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period last year. With these figures in mind, you might wonder how we can help you improve your construction project through our painting services. Read on. image-2 Quality and Durability Over the past years, Propaint has provided high quality painting services to a huge number of commercial paint jobs. Flügger products only require one to a maximum of three coatings to get a beautiful and long-lasting finish. If you take a look at the painting cost per square meter of your building, you can clearly see that Flügger products can help you save on labor, time and cost of materials compared to other brands that require several applications before it fully penetrates the surface. Flügger coatings also offer lower maintenance cost because of better color retention and reduced abrasion which help it last for up to 10 years. Pollutant Resistance If your commercial building is situated near the busy streets of the city, dust and dirt accumulation is more than likely to take place. Our paint products do not only offer excellent UV and fading protection but are also pollutant resistant. Flügger uses modern technology that makes all outdoor products self-cleaning and resistant to aerial dirt and pollution. Eco-friendly Characteristics Propaint products are known for their eco-friendly characteristics: • Decreased Amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals found in paint and can have higher levels of concentration indoor due to little ventilation. Flügger products have zero VOCs. This reduces any adverse health and environment effects caused by hundreds of toxins found per paint liter. • Water-based paint products Propaint uses different plant extracts that serve as a better alternative for ‘green’ paints. • Low odor Poor ventilation is one of the most common problems of any painting job. With Flügger’s zero VOC level, prolonged exposure of your employees or hired paint experts to any of our painting products is no longer an issue. image-3 Team of Painting Professionals We believe that paint application is a crucial and demanding job. If you want the best results, our own Specialist Application team can do the job for you. Our team of paint professionals is equipped with modern painting techniques through extensive trainings and skill enhancement programs to meet the demands of our clients. How to Contact Us? To get an expert advice or request a price quotation, contact us at (+632) 866-1033 or email us at  


Building contractors and designers do not only conceptualize, design and build, a structure or building, but they are also responsible on choosing the right interior and exterior color to apply to achieve its overall design.

One of the greatest dilemmas of paint experts and contractors is leftover paints. Heat caused by direct exposure to sunlight is one of the main reasons why leftover paints tend to dry up and become unusable.  No matter how precise your measurement is, at least one partial container of paint is left when the painting job is done.

Does the Brand Affect the Shelf Life of Leftover Paint?

Leftover paints can last for years given its proper storage and components made by its manufacturer.  If you wonder why some paints easily dry up even if you have taken the right steps when it comes to its storage, this can be attributed to the excessive amount of resin and other additives that are found in the paint that makes it quicker to dry up. To make it plain and simple, the higher the quality of your paint, the longer its shelf life is.

Flügger products are not only known for their reduced environmental impact through its healthier and safer properties but the brand is also renowned for its durability and fade resistance that ensures its paint mixture remains in pristine condition even after months of storage.

 The Importance of Proper Paint Storage

Extending the shelf life of leftover paints can help you save time and money when doing repainting jobs.

It is also important to save the remaining paint because this is your greatest tool in making sure that you will still have the exact color that matches the previously painted surface when repainting jobs arise.

Here are some basic guidelines you should remember when storing leftover paints:

Do not store it on a very cold or extremely hot place. The best way to store your Flügger products is on a cool, frost-free place.
Do not store paint cans without cleaning its rim. Keep the lid tightly closed to avoid air from penetrating the paint which can make it dry prematurely. Before closing the can, make sure that the lid is also free from any paint residue that can make it harder to obtain a tight seal.
Do not open the can in the storage area for unnecessary reasons. Put a label (including date of storage and color code) and a dime-sized drop of the actual paint on the can for you to easily recognize the color without re-opening it.
Do not shake the paint to check if it still usable Open the can and check out its condition. Prolonged storage can usually form a thick skin on its surface but that does not mean that the paint is no longer usable. The best thing to do is to remove the skin first before mixing the paint to avoid lumps and rough texture.
When it comes to disposal, do not burn or put unused paints in a regular garbage bin. The best way to dispose old paint is to bring it to your city’s recycling outlets or if you do not have any in your area, you can recycle it in your own way (maybe by donation to a worthy cause).

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Propaint is not only committed to help architects and designers to bring efficient and high quality construction design through the paint products we offer, but we also provide a step-by-step guide on how you can maximize the products we offer.

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2 Major Steps You Need Before Painting


Good painting practice emphasizes the importance of preparation; particularly for repainting jobs where cleanliness of the surface is the key to a better output. Cleaning is easily achieved, with the proper paint soap and propriety solutions like paintwork cleaners, as an integral component of painting.

Step 1 – Washing

Washing before painting interior walls, ceilings, joinery etc. is a good practice to remove any fly dirt, dust and other contaminants. In most situations, this means simply wiping using a clean lint-free cloth and a solution of warm water and Interior Paintwork Cleaner or a mild detergent. Sanding walls and ceilings is not usually necessary unless the surface has imperfections and/or flaking paint that needs to be sanded smooth, or if the existing paint system is an old enamel system.

If it is an enamel system commonly used in kitchen and bathroom areas and on joinery and doors, first remove any grease and oil using mild soap and sand the areas to de-gloss the surface and provide a key for the paint to adhere to.

Note 1: Pen marks will need to be sealed with Enamel Undercoat or any kind of seal product as they will bleed through waterborne paints.

Note 2: You can check whether the paint finish is an enamel system by rubbing the paint surface with Methylated spirits or meths. If it removes some of the coating, then, it is most likely waterborne and a quality paint system can be applied directly onto the clean surface without sanding.

Step 2 – Filling

Any holes or voids, such as those left in wall boards by picture hooks, should be filled and sanded smoothly before applying any paint.

Unless the hole in the wallboard is large (say bigger than the palm of your hand) it will not usually need sealing or priming before painting.

For timber joinery, it is good practice to spot prime voids and holes, such as punched nail heads before filling and then re-prime once filled and sanded. The table below is a guide to the most suitable sanding and scraping materials to be used.

Sanding and scraping Once you are done with these 2 major steps, you are now ready to paint! Source:

Tuesday, 08 July 2014 14:11

How Much Paint Do You Need?

Painting is not an ordinary job for everyone. If you want to save on your time, budget and effort, proper paint estimation is highly recommended by paint experts.

To start it off, you should know the amount of paint that you need for the corresponding area that you will paint. This way, you will not waste any amount of paint due to miscalculation or presumption without any measurement.

The Easy Method

DIY painting jobs have become easier nowadays with the presence of online paint calculators or estimators.

How it works: Online paint calculators usually require the total height and width of the wall tallied against the number of windows and doors in your room or any area you need to paint. The amount of paint that you will need still depends on the number of paint coatings you prefer and the quality of the paint brand that you will use.

Propaint’s Flügger products only require minimal maintenance because of their high quality and the use of nanotechnology. Flügger paints are very convenient to use and remain consistent in quality even after years of application.

The Basic yet Reliable Method

Another option that you can try is by referring to this table. Just make sure that you know the height of your ceiling and wall distance as well. Each figure shown below is based on one coating only. how much paint


Important Tips:

    • The precise measurement of the area to be painted is affected by many factors such as application method and the paint brand that you will use. As much as possible, stop buying cheap paint brands because its substandard paint quality will increase your paint consumption.
    • It is better to overestimate than underestimate the liters of paint that you will buy at the hardware store. Just make sure that you have proper storage for any excess.
    • Do not also let your paint spill or dry up in pails or brushes because this is another reason for over consumption.
    • Good quality paints only requires two top coats to achieve a smooth finish.

Propaint is one of the market leaders of high quality paint. Propaint’s Flügger products use nanotechnology to secure self-cleaning, non-fading and dirt resistant paint for commercial or residential use. For more information about our Paint Solutions and Services, visit us at or email us at

pro paint flugger warranty service philippines Pro Paint Innovations Philippines Inc. (PPI), a leader in paint solutions is proud to announce that Flügger Paints, one of the most recognized names in architectural paints in Europe is now being offered in the Philippines with a standard three year warranty.

Clients may choose to get up to ten-year upgrade. The warranty program is valid when PPI has done application work or supervised the applicator team as Site Manager or Project Manager. This limited warranty covers buildings against chipping and fading.

The PPI Application and Site Management services ensure that all applied paints done by PPI are properly applied providing modern, easy and durable paint solutions that assures a beautiful, long lasting and minimal maintenance finish. PPI works hand in hand with architects, designers, owners, developers and contractors to ensure that strict design and quality specifications are met.

The world’s oldest paint manufacturer’s product, Flügger paint, established in 1783, is a European brand characterized by its professional quality and unlimited range of decorative shades. It is known for offering EU eco-label products that are 100% non-toxic, non- odor, 0 VOC and APEO free, assuring that Flügger paints do not contain any harmful substances that can potentially post as a health risk.

Flügger products exceed the international standards when it comes to paint. Its product innovation has proven just why it’s one of the market leaders in high quality paint, using nanotechnology to secure self-cleaning, non-fading and dirt resistant paint. It is not just safe and ideal to use, it has proven its quality around Europe with paint projects lasting over 30 years before any repainting was needed. For more information on PPI’s services, visit their website at

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