Finding the Right Paint Color

There is no right or wrong color. It’s all about the color fitting in perfectly into a space or area. But it is hard to find the right color that you can live with. This is because unwanted colors can affect your personality and mood. It can also make a room appear spacious and tall despite having a small floor area.

This reason alone is enough for you to research first about the basic things you need know when it comes to color such as hue, saturation, and intensity. This can help you when looking for that one color you can live with. Color is the hue. Saturation is how dominant the hue is. Intensity is how bright the color is.

Follow this step by considering the floor color, fixture color and fabric, and the accessories you’re going to use to accentuate the room.  With this you can come up with a color that will produce a balance and harmonious design.

Pro Paint Innovations help you to choose just the right colour for you. The Függer colors are rated by Hiding Power and UV resistance, which allow you to choose perfect match.

Other things to consider when finding the right color include:


A bag, a flower, a book, a color, a film, or nature, an inspiration can be just about anything. Take their common denominator and play with their shade and tints in finding that color.


Warmer and bright colors help to create a very sociable atmosphere.  Cool and neutral colors produce a soft and quieter feeling perfect for bedroom.


A sharp blue tone can be achieved by having a fluorescent lamp. To bring out the yellow and warm tones in the room, you can use incandescent lighting. Natural light is able to show the true color.

A Color or Two

If you want to use at least two or three colors in your room make sure that at least one of them is a neutral color. A neutral color helps to give your eye a break from strong colors.

Too Little and Too Much

Follow the 60-30-10 rule that designers use as their guide. The 10% comes from accessories and accent pieces. It is followed by the upholstery and window treatments that comprise 30% of the room. Lastly, the remaining 60% comes from the walls. So if you have a really strong piece of rug or painting never use a strong color. Instead use a light color and let the piece be the center of the room.

Don’t Fear Colors

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Playing it safe is okay. But being adventurous and courageous when it comes to color can result into a good combination. A solution to such fear is start with a piece of inspiration like a painting or a fabric. Test it on your wall by simply placing it over. If it comes off too strong, you can ask a paint store to produce a light mixture of paint.

Test It Out

To really know the color you can stand and live with is by testing it on your own wall. Have at least a small patch on your wall painted then live with it for at a day or two. This way you can see what it will look like with an artificial and natural light.