Eco-Friendly Characteristics of Flügger

Going green with your paint doesn’t mean giving quality or affordability. It means that you are more interested in the health and well-being of your community. And now there is a paint product that offers high quality paint finish but without the concerns we get from conventional paints. Flügger is one the world’s leading makers of eco-friendly paint. Flügger quality and output results are just the same, even better than that of regular paint. Here’s some things you need to know about Flügger paint.

Decreased Amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals found in paint and can have higher levels of concentration indoor due to little ventilation. It can lead to various health risks after prolonged exposure.

Flügger paint features zero VOC (EPA 24) and very easy to work with. This means you can even paint the room where are people in working or living.

Water-Based Products Instead of Petrochemical Products

Flügger paint makes use of different plant extracts to produce green paints. This prevents any harmful emission to occur unlike its alternative which is made from different chemicals. This also eliminates any health hazards to painters or those handling the paints.

Durable Coating

Flügger eco-friendly paint system only includes 3 coats to get a beautiful and long-lasting finish. This not only saves time but also money.

Low Odour

Flügger offers 0 VOC (EPA 24) paint products that have less toxic emissions, making the air quality better compared to regular paint, reducing any adverse health reactions caused by toxins.

Cost Efficient &and Good Painting Job

Flügger paints have excellent value for money. This is achieved by a number of paint characteristics. The first is really good actual spread ratio, e.g. how many square meters you can cover per one litre of paint. The second is 98% hiding power with just one coat of paint. These characteristics together give very good price per square meter.

By comparing litre prices to regular paints, using eco-friendly products may seem to cost much more than regular paints, but the results you get from using them are far more important. It prevents acquiring any serious allergies, infections, or illnesses that can lead to expensive medical bills.

Possessing a great value of quality, Flügger eco-friendly paint products assures customers that they’ll have better color retention, good coverage, and reduced abrasion in just a few coats. Also, this reduces the life time maintenance and repainting requirements, cutting your expenses.

These characteristics prove that being green does not mean spending more. But it is about being practical and safeguarding the health of people that will be staying in the place. This also helps in the sustainability of the environment.

The fact remains that pain job always is in the end of the project, when the time overrun problems typically are shown and felt. In addition to the above benefits, the working time and calendar time saved by faster and easier application of only three coats, will save actual construction costs tremendously.